Redesign Rupert will engage the community to examine its readiness for the future, create a vision for the community, and foster community ownership and commitment to action. 


Redesign Rupert is a civic engagement project to develop and implement strategies for economic diversification and community resilience in Prince Rupert, BC. The purpose of project is to support community-driven initiatives to manage proposed growth, improve quality of life, and facilitate public participation in determining our collective future. 

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Identify opportunities and challenges that will emerge with the different stage of development and growth;
  • Develop strategies to proactively prepare for and take advantage of opportunities and address challenges;
  • Support the community as it moves the strategies into action.

Redesign Rupert will involve a wide range and significant number of community stakeholders. This approach to engagement is needed right from project development and is key to fostering community ownership and commitment to action.

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