The City of Prince Rupert is the lead funder on the Redesign Rupert project, contributing the initial $150,000 from Prince Rupert Legacy Inc., monies set aside by the City to help Prince Rupert prepare for the projected economic growth associated with port and industrial development. The City of Prince Rupert also received $100,000 from the BC Rural Dividend Fund for Redesign Rupert. 

Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest has fundraised an additional $250,000 towards the project, leveraged from local businesses– including Aurora LNG, DP World, Pacific Northwest LNG, Prince Rupert LNG, and WCC LNG. 

Project sponsors from local industries are contributing to the project to improve overall quality of life and well-being in Prince Rupert to attract and retain employees, and to contribute positively to the development of the community. The desire of sponsoring companies is to be good corporate citizens and actively participate in improving community wellness, not to impact the outcomes of the project, which are strictly community-driven.

The Redesign team is always looking for more sponsorship to help support this initiative as it develops. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact:

John Farrell
General Manager
Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest
Suite 100 - 515 3rd Avenue West
Prince Rupert, BC  V8J 1L9