Redesign Rupert Project Descriptions

The Action Groups in Prince Rupert have mobilized to start several projects in Prince Rupert. For a breakdown of each project please see them listed below, for a more detailed description please press the learn more button. If you have questions regarding the action group please see the contacts listed below. 

Children, Youth, and Families Action Group

Contact: Carmen Elduayen

Community, Culture, and Heritage Action Group

Contact: Laurie Gray

Tourism Action Group

Contact: Scott Farwell

Action on Arts and Culture

Prince Rupert has a vibrant arts and culture sector. This is an economic sector with significant growth potential. The sector’s strength is its diversity. There is a diversity of artists, including visual, graphic, photographic, textile, carving, and sculpture artists. There is also a diversity of performance art including music, theatre, and dance.

Layered on top of this is a vibrant sense of cultural diversity: First Nations, European, Chinese, Indian, and Vietnamese. So, for example, in Prince Rupert you will find a dance community that includes First Nations, Chinese, Indian, classical ballet, jazz/modern, and Highland dancing. 

  • Diversify and strengthen Prince Rupert’s economy by building on a key strength.
  • Provide additional economic opportunities for local arts organizations.
  • Provide additional economic opportunities for local artists.
  • Create mutually beneficial synergies between the tourism and arts and cultural sectors through the work of the Redesign Rupert Action Groups.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Laurie Gray, Chair, Prince Rupert Community Arts Council by email

The 3rd Avenue Art Project

Supporting Arts, Business, and Youth in Prince Rupert

With summer tourist season just around the corner, we have the opportunity to “dress up” 3rd Avenue in a way that could generate more pedestrian traffic, increase spending, benefit local artists, and provide entrepreneurial work experience for youth.

We are calling the idea the 3rd Avenue Art Project...

By making use of empty store windows, the 3rd Avenue Art Project would allow visitors the opportunity to view works by local artists as they stroll along 3rd Avenue. A guide to the artwork would be printed so that visitors would know where to look for the art and would learn something about each piece and the participating artists.

All of the art would be for sale. Sales would be handled by the 3rd Avenue Art Project office, which would be located on the bottom end of 3rd Avenue. Staff at the store front would arrange for the piece to be collected from the display and brought to the store front for purchase. If there is sufficient space, the office could display additional works and could also serve as a space where artists could demonstrate how their work is created.

  • Beautify and enhance the 3rd Avenue streetscape.
  • Provide additional sales opportunities for local artists.
  • Create work experience opportunities for Prince Rupert youth.
  • Enhance the street appearance and possibly rental appeal for owners of vacant buildings.
  • Create opportunities for volunteer engagement in Prince Rupert.
  • Provide an engaging and unique activity for visitors and enable them to purchase a truly “local” product.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Marleen Morris, Co-Director of the Community Development Institute at UNBC by email at or by phone at 250 960-9806.

Economy and Livelihoods: Tourism Action Group

Shoring Up the Shoulder Season

While Prince Rupert has a vibrant and busy summer tourism season, the shoulder seasons are slow. These seasons represent an opportunity to focus on the regional tourism market; to draw visitors from northwest and north central BC.

Many businesses in the community would benefit from increased traffic in the shoulder seasons. Prince Rupert’s arts and cultural sector could also benefit, with the possibility of increased ticket sales for events.

Shoring Up the Shoulder Season will identify an existing shoulder season event that has the potential to be expanded. This event will serve a pilot project and template for additional shoulder season events.

The shoulder season pilot will be selected on the potential to leverage economic benefit in a broad range of sectors: hospitality (restaurants, hotels, B&Bs), arts and culture (performances, galleries), and retail (general). Critical to the success of this opportunity will be the development and marketing of “visitor packages” that include accommodation, meal, entertainment, and retail options.

  • Support the tourism sector during the slow seasons.
  • Support the maintenance of tourism jobs.
  • Enhance tourism potential to attract and retain new tourism enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  • Provide spending opportunities for the temporary (construction) workforce in Prince Rupert and other places in the northwest.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Scott Farwell, Chair of Tourism Prince Rupert by email at

Children, Youth, and Families Action Group

Prince Rupert Community Services Guide

A community services guide will provide information about the programs, services, and amenities in Prince Rupert. It will allow residents and service providers to access the most current information about what is available in the community. For service providers, the community services guide will assist with making referrals and providing information to their clients. For residents, it will provide information that will allow them to locate and access the services and programs they need.

The community services guide will be online. This will allow the information to be updated as often as necessary. With input from community service providers, the guide will always have the most current information.

Eighteen service categories have been identified: addiction; advocacy; art, music, and theatre; children and families; community groups; corrections; counselling; culture; education and training; employment; First Nations; health; housing; newcomers; places of worship; seniors; service organizations; and sport organizations. Cross postings will be permitted.

The directory will provide information on a program-by-program basis. Each listing will include name of program; short description; program contact person; physical address; phone; email; and website. Clicking the website address will take users to the program website.

Community service providers have been invited to submit their information for inclusion in the community services guide.  

  • Provide information for service providers that will help them improve service to clients.
  • Provide information for residents, including newcomers, about what is available in the community.
  • Provide information to potential newcomers about the range of services available.
  • Provide a platform that can be easily and regularly updated so that the information is always current.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Willa Thorpe, Director of Recreation and Community Services for the City of Prince Rupert by email

Children, Youth, and Families Action Group

Volunteer Prince Rupert

Recognizing the importance of and need for community volunteers, the Children, Youth, and Families Action Group has begun to explore the feasibility of a website that will link interested volunteers with volunteer opportunities.

The group is currently exploring volunteer websites in other communities in order identify best practices that will help to design a model that will work for Prince Rupert.

  • Engage more people in the community in volunteer activities.
  • Provide volunteer organizations a platform for promoting their volunteer opportunities.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Marleen Morris, Co-Director of the Community Development Institute at UNBC by email at or by phone at 250 960-9806.

Children, Youth, and Families Action Group

Expanding After School Programming

Research and program evaluations are unanimous in their conclusion that students who are engaged in after school programs do better at school, are more responsible in their actions, and are more invested in their community.

Enhancing after school programming emerged as a theme from the October workshop. The first project the Action Group is undertaking in this area is to expand the very popular Youth Night program.

Youth Night is currently offered once a month and attracts about 30 youth (ages 13-18 years). The youth play gym games, board games, and can enjoy snacks. Youth Night could be scheduled more frequently if there were more people willing to volunteer to supervise the program.

The Children, Youth, and Families Action Group has decided to try a new strategy for volunteer recruitment, namely to ask businesses and organizations to sign up to sponsor a night. Each night requires a minimum of 6 volunteers.

More will be coming out on this initiative in the coming weeks.

  • Engage youth in the community in open play and having fun.
  • Provide the opportunity for youth to engage with good role models; adults who are exhibiting a commitment to the community through volunteering.
  • Enhance physical and social health and wellbeing, for youth and the volunteers.
  • Create opportunities for businesses and individuals to volunteer in the community.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Carrie Thorpe, Child and Youth Mental Health Team by email

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Next Steps

The next step in the Redesign Rupert process is to mobilize Community Priority Action Groups. Community priorities will emerge from the work to develop a shared vision.  

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Community Profile Series

Throughout the course of the Redesign Rupert project, the CDI will release a series of brief community profiles that will look at currently available data to create a picture of Prince Rupert today.

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