The Redesign Rupert approach to community and economic development is designed to mobilize and support Prince Rupert into action and transformation. Planning and action go hand-in-hand to move people from saying “this is what needs to be done” to “let’s get it done”.

Community Development Institute Resources

Based at UNBC, the CDI maintains a clear focus on research and on providing access to valuable resources towards the goal of increasing knowledge and understanding and building capacity around community, regional, and economic development. The goal is to balance both applied and basic work so as to maintain academic credibility and to be of practical relevance to communities.

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Redesign Rupert Resources

The future vision for Prince Rupert will be built from a shared understanding of where the community is at today. Using available data, Redesign Rupert will explore critical topics through a series of brief community profiles.

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City of Prince Rupert Resources 

The City of Prince Rupert has undertaken significant community research as part of the Planning for Major Projects initiatives.

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